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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Walking to School Together

Maddy chose not to ride in the stroller today. She wanted to walk and hold hands with her BIG Sister!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Muir Woods- Daytrip

Yesterday we took a family daytrip to Muir Woods!
It has been on our California bucketlist, and its CHECKED!!
Crowded is an understatement......but we managed to find a spot along the roadside to park, hiked to the entrance over a mile, and enjoyed the scenery/history!!
We headed a bit further north afterwards and had lunch and some fun in the sand at Stinson Beach!
Because a serious photo would be too much to ask......Maddy!!!!

Block BBQ

I helped host our monthly neighborhood block BBQ last Saturday!
I whipped up some Whoopie Pies and Ham/Cheese Melt Sandwiches!! 
ALL of them were GONE!!!
 Sigh......we finally have a tenant in the unit attached to ours, after 10 months of not sharing a wall!
He is from Hungary, and his wife and two girls (2 & 4) arrive next week!
He brought out some Hungarian liquor to share shots with the men! 
He will fit RIGHT in with our group!!
Great afternoon with good food and friends

Movie Night

Sometimes you just want to watch a movie......from on top of a laundry basket


The girls on the block having a front porch dance party! 
They were singing and dancing up a storm!!

Growing and Growing

Someone is growing up TOO fast these days!
This was a photo from 2+ years ago!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sunday Bike Ride

Last Sunday we set off on a family bike ride! Abby is now agreeable with her new 20" bike (that she got last Nov.....) She is now tall enough and comfortable getting on/off it to ride it! YAY!!!
We rode from our house down to Cannery Row and back!! (7.5 miles)
And Abby rode the whole way and even begged to go farther. Of course she rode it back home to the bottom of our neighborhood hill, where I pushed both our bikes up!! STEEP!!!
 We stopped just past the Wharf at the Coast Guard Station Pier.
LOTS of sea life to enjoy.
Seals, Otters, water birds.......
 Mr. Otter floating by

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Naked Writing Session

Madelyn Nicole Smith

Foreign Friends

 We were lucky enough to be invited to dinner at our Pakistani friends home Friday night. 
Abby and Maddy have been close friends with their daughter this past year, and they are moving back to Pakistan next month. It was a fun evening tasting many of their staple dishes. They love all things SPICY!!
(don't mind the finger top-left.....Abby took the photo :)

Stroller Warriors-Challenge

I started working out once a week with a group of "Stroller Warrior" moms!
Military spouses who get together to run and strength train!
Last week we did a Marine Corps PFT (Physical Fitness Test)
It consists of a 3 mile run, a bent arm hang (for women), and 2 minutes of crunches.
It was a fun challenge and I didn't do too shabby for the first go!
3 mile run in 28:48
55 crunches in 2 minutes
27 second arm hang (max 70 sec)

Good Eats- Last Week

 I've perfected my preferred Chia Pudding! Canned coconut milk is definitely the tastiest!!
 Made an amazing chicken dish with plantains!! I've never used them before.
And to boot, the plantains were cooked as rice with onions and garlic!!
The smell coming from the kitchen was sweet & delicious!!
 The finished product-- Spicy Chicken w/ Plantain Rice and Mango/Avocado Salsa


Abby started back to school this past Wednesday! 
We now have a 1st Grader!!!!!!
She has a love for learning and enjoys school so much.
She says "1st grade is SO much better than Kindergarten!!"

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Carmel Bonfire

A few of our neighbors gathered for a bonfire at the beach last Friday.
Lots of fun again!! So easy to do here, we might just need to do it more often before we move!!


Look who upgraded to BUNK BEDS!!!!
We did it for space saving purposes, especially headed to Japan, but it works here too!
They LOVE being stacked and finally having a few toys in their rooms now.

WHALE Season

The other day I met my neighbor and we took the kids up to Moss Landing (just north on Hwy 1, 20 minutes) to try our chance at seeing the whales in the harbour! SUCCESS!!!
We saw them the WHOLE time we were sitting on the shore.
The kids dug in the sand and us moms gazed at whales!

 Maddy running up the sand dunes

 Towards the end one started jumping

Mike, Allison, Abby and Roxy Smith

Living life in beautiful Virginia Beach, VA!