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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Fun in May

What we thought was our last weekend of family time together......turned into the beginning of a deployment extension!! 
The aircraft carrier had a mechanical issue and has delayed departure until it is fixed! That buys us an additional 10-14 days at home with Mike! 
He will finally experience the second half of May in Japan!! 

We stayed home ALL weekend, enjoying time together and sunshine!! We took our FIRST ever family bike ride!! Maddy is fully riding independently now and LOVING it! There hasn't been a day she hasn't been riding! It's the first thing she wants to do once her homework is done! 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Sake= LOVE

One of our awesome finds in Tokyo this past weekend!
Mount Fuji shot glasses! Hand made!!
So of course we broke them in last night with some sparkling sake! Yum! 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mothers Day Weekend in Tokyo

Had the BEST weekend in Tokyo with my three favorite people!! So glad we got to spend this last weekend together before dad heads to the boat! 
I was able to take Mike to my favorite spot in Tokyo! Kitchen district and an amazing temple destination! 
Happy Mother's Day to me indeed! These kids loved on me all weekend and made me excited to spend all summer with them alone!! 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Is it over yet?!?!

Murphy's law is a REAL thing!!! I swear it is and this week proved it to me! 
Mike left on Tuesday for a short detachment, and in true military life style, everything hit the fan! Well, at least it felt like that from my perspective. 

Mike left Tuesday......and I had work training here on base this week the next three days. I was up ALL night Tuesday with a bloody nose ( I know....too much information) that wouldn't stop! It continued into the morning while I went to work. So off I went to the medical clinic to get it resolved. Thanks to doctors for quick fixes! 

But my allergies and maybe a slight bug got the best of me and I was then congested all day Wednesday and Thursday. Not the condition you want to be in for learning new materials. 

Anyhow, all is well now. The kids and I survived on lots of patience, wonderful friends here who took the kids in the afternoons while I worked!! The kids even had the whole day off Wednesday!! 

We did dinners out while dad was gone! 
McDonalds, Pizza, and tonight....Sushi!

Shopping Outing- Doki Doki

My squadron friend Sarah and I went on a base tour this week to Tokyo to the biggest flea market! Three huge expo buildings packed with EVERYTHING!!!
Of course we enjoyed the awesome festival good too! 
Shaved frozen strawberries with condensed milk poured over the top. 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Spring Fest 2016

The base hosts two events each year where they open up the main gate to local Japanese foot traffic! 
This past weekend was the annual Friendship festival! And we spent a good chunk of time at the air field supporting the squadron. Selling squadron patches and flair! And Mike signed a few autographs!

Ball Night

Our air wing in Japan hosts a special ball event each April! We had an awesome night. This is the backdrop that our squadron put together! Each squadron had to create a table in the "Star Wars" theme. 

Patti's Visit

My good friend Patti (a Hawkeye wife in Point Mugu in our community who we have known for years) came for a Japan visit last week!! Loved spending 5 days showing her the highlights. 
We took part in a traditional tea ceremony
And of course we ate amazing sushi 

Kyoto and Hiroshima

Catching up on our BUSY April activities. 

We took a five day trip south west to explore Kyoto and Hiroshima! We had a wonderful time, and our Japanese squadron friend showed us around the locals tour. 

Got to our local station at 5am!!
The kids and Mikes first bullet train ride
Bento boxes for breakfast! 
Arashiyama- Bamboo forest 
Fushimi-Inari --10,000 Tori Gates
Hiroshima Castle
Miyajima Island
Dinner in Hiroshima--Japanese style

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Certified swimmer!!

SUPER proud of this kid!! She passed the base swim test!! They're pretty strict here on have to swim one form stroke down and back without stopping and then tread water for 2 minutes! Summer at the outdoor pool just got a whole lot more fun for her (allows her to use the water slide, diving board and be in the big deep pools without her momma!)

Friday, April 1, 2016

Cherry Blossoms in Japan

My photos don't do them justice, but it's Cherry Blossom season in Japan!! And the blooms on and off base are amazing. But you don't need to leave base to see beautiful ones!! These are on our street! 

Now if the sun would just come out so I can get better photos! This week I think!

Purple Up!!!

April is the "Month of the Military Child"
And our kids know this life very well! Living it everyday in a different country! No less a different state every few years! 

So proud of how resilient, adaptable and open-minded they are through our many transitions so far! (With many more to come) Their military school appropriately held a parade yesterday morning where the entire school K-6 marched a big loop around the neighborhood, holding signs representing words that describe military kids! 

Mount Takao Hike

This week I explored a new hike with my neighbor! Mount Takao! 
We hiked a long trail all the way to the top, 3.3 km up! Tried some new foods and enjoyed many beautiful views. 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Tokyo Racing

The day after our dining out event while the kids were at school we went Go-Cart racing through the streets of Tokyo! 

They took us on a two hour your past a few key sites.....dressed as Mario and Luigi! 

Probably one of the top FUN things we have ever done! 

Mike, Allison, Abby and Roxy Smith

Living life in beautiful Virginia Beach, VA!