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Friday, September 12, 2014

Brave Maddy

 This goofball was at the doctor on Monday for her Kindergarten shots!!
She starts next Fall, but needed the shots anyhow for our overseas medical screening procuedures.
Now she is good til she is 11 :)
But having to get 5 shots in one sitting was a lot for her to swallow. She was great.....until they gave her the shots!! And all she got was this pinwheel and some stickers to show for it!

Lemoore Quick Visit

Last weekend I made a QUICK one night trip out to Lemoore to see my good friend Danielle and her girls!
Soccer Saturdays now get in the way of any possible weekend we had to make it quick.
 It was 95+ degrees during our visit, so of course we hit the pool!
In Monterey we never get to swim outside :)
 Then we found out it was FREE bowling day on base!! SCORE!!
 Abby's first time bowling the proper way....fingers in the holes and all!
 After 24 hours of playing with their friends, they were wiped out on the ride home.
Maddy actually fell asleep still holding the stylus to her game!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Smith Family-Labor Day Weekend Visit 2014

For the second year in a row, Kyle and the family came out for a Labor Day weekend visit!
We all had SO much fun! Glad I captured so many family memories!
Linda and Ian came out as well and shared in the fun.
We swam twice in our neighborhood indoor pool.....
We went out for an adult only afternoon, wine tasting!
We squeezed in an evening dinner/bonfire at Carmel beach
And I managed to borrow 11 aquarium guest passes so we could all go see the fish!

Promotion Celebration- Lieutenant Commander

" Lieutenant Commander Smith"
Mike's promotion is now official as of September 1st!
He qualified for the promotion last summer, but it didn't take effect til now!
It feels like its been a LONG 6 years between promotions, but its well deserved!
We went out with our friends the Krauses' for dinner last week to celebrate.
Mike and Dan went to OCS together 10+ years ago, and we are still the closest of friends.
Nice to promote with such a close friend! Both Lieutenant Commanders now!!
Being that we are not in a squadron at the moment, we took it upon ourselves to do the official pinning of Mike's new rank insignia. Going from silver bars to gold oak leaves!
And since Kyle was here it seemed even more appropriate to have family pin it on together!

Sushi Lunch

 The three of us went to lunch last week!
Maddy even practiced some Japanese greetings on the chef!
LOVED my bento lunch box! Sushi, tempura, salad, fruit, edamame and rice! 
I'll be back for sure!

Neighborly Love

Our new Hungarian neighbors are all settled into their home, and his wife and two daughters arrived two weeks ago! So I whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookies for them!!
Butter Free! Instead they have coconut oil & vanilla pudding mix!! Mmmm they were the best I've made, and I'm not a chocolate chip cookie connoisseur!

Soccer Season

 Our rec soccer league started again last week!
And this year Maddy is playing!! She is on the 4-5 year old team, and Abby is on the 6-7 year old team!
Our first time balancing two kids on different teams, overlapping game times.....etc....

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Great-Grandparents Visit

Great Grandpa and Grandma Reiss came for a visit to Monterey!
Sadly, probably their last since we are moving in 4 months!!
Luckily we get to see them in October and November for other events!!
 Mike and I got out for a morning kayak tour of the bay
 We ventured to Santa Cruz to visit "The Mystery Spot"
 The tour guide proved with a level that the board was flat. 
But when the girls switched spots they changed heights!!
 The odd slanted house
 Again.....a level board but when the guys switched spots and Grandpa moved to the far left.....he wasn't as notably tall! So odd.....MYSTERY!!!
 Out to dinner--Reading her own menu and ordering
 Great Grandpa playing tic-tac-toe with Maddy
 Sunday morning walk along Cannery Row
 Sunday visit to the Carmel Jewish Food Festival

Mike, Allison, Abby and Roxy Smith

Living life in beautiful Virginia Beach, VA!