Thursday, April 17, 2014

Growing UP

This kid just keeps growing up......too fast sometimes!
This morning I let her ride her bike to school (Maddy and I followed in the stroller of course)!
But she amazed me!! She stopped at every intersection, as instructed. AND made it all the way up the steep hill to her school without stopping or running over anyone :)
Parked her bike, hung up her helmet........and off she went to school!!
Pretty sure she's going to ask to do this DAILY!!!!
Of course riding home is downhill and WAY more fun!!

Family TWISTER Game Night

 The kids LOVE when we all play games together. And now that Maddy is growing up, and can understand it all, its fun to do it together!! She spun the wheel during Twister last night.
Giggles heard all around!!!!

Sunny Days

 Monterey is one of the best places to versatile!
Maddy and I got out on Tuesday this week for a run at the wharf! Her growing body gives me more resistance each time we go!!
And yesterday the girls played at the park a bit after school--a little See-Saw time!! 
Not a cloud in the sky!

Visit with Family

I love living close to everyone on this Navy tour!
It allows day trips to visit family on a whim!!
Got to see my Cousin Erin and her family, as well as Amy & Adam last weekend!
Great fun had by the adults and kids!!!

Batter UP!!!!

 The girls joined their first T-Ball team this season!
And they are on the team together (Ages 4-6); even better!!
Last weekend was their fist game, and they did GREAT!!

 Above: Maddy chewing the coaches ear off.....usual chatty cathy!!
 Above: Abby with her pink glove, ready for a ball!
 Snacks on the bench after the game!!
 Being on a team together is something they will remember forever!! (Or at least I will :))

Practice Run

 Mike and Abby are signed up to run the "3K Kids Run" race as part of the Big Sur Intl' Marathon that is happening here next weekend 4/26. So a few weeks ago we went out for a practice run! Abby's first time running!!

April Happenings

 Abby decided she LOVES runny eggs!!
 And they both decided they now love ROXY
 Otter time!!


They are growing up in front of me and growing closer at the same time!

Always keeps us SMILING!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Great-Grandparents Visit

My Grandparents came to visit a few days this week and we enjoyed their company as the girls are out of school this week as well for Spring Break!
Sadly it was a rainy few days in Monterey, which is rare, but we still had some fun!
They took the girls to the movies to see "Peabody and Sherman" and we spent a morning at the local kids museum.
 Thank you for the visit Grandma & Grandpa!!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Stop #6- (Day 7 & 8 on the road....then home)- Fairfield, CA

Our last leg of the road trip before heading home, was to visit family/friends in Fairfield!
We spent the first half of Friday with Mike's mom. We drove out to Lake Berryessa and a visit to the Jelly Belly Factory which included lunch and a tour!
 We had lunch at the Jelly Belly Factory! Burgers and Pizza in the shape of jelly bellies!!
 We spent the second half of Friday at my cousin's house in Fairfield!
The kids got to play, and we enjoyed a great family dinner!
 Friday night after dinner we drove to Benicia to socialize and stay the night at Mike's friend Ian's house! Ian and Kelly have a great home with two extra rooms, so it worked great!
We had a delicious breakfast Saturday morning with them, then we hit the road for HOME!!!
 It was a LONG 8 days......but we are so glad we got to see SO many people/sites along the way.
Have to take in Northern California somehow!!! Might as well do it squeezing in family/friends along the way. Lucky to be able to do so :)
THANK YOU to everyone who put us up for a night or two!!! We really appreciated it!
XOXO The Smith Family

Stop #5 (Day 6 on the road) Roseville, CA

On our way toward Sacramento from Tahoe, we were able to meet Mike's sister Linda at her horse stable for a visit/ride! Her horse "Sonny" is 20 years old, and was very forgiving to two eager little girls!!
THANK YOU Aunt Linda!!!! What a treat for the girls first horse experience!

Stop #4 (Days 4-6 on the road)- Lake Tahoe

Our next stop was in Tahoe, where we had reservations at The Resort at Squaw Creek!
We drove up in very dry conditions....
 And the next morning woke up to this!! We had a few inches of snow the first night, and a few more the second night!!
 We had to build a snowman or two!!
 Snow angels!!
My favorite video of Maddy sledding! That is her giggling the WHOLE way down!!
The girls LOVED our $10 sled investment/entertainment!! We had the whole hotel property to ourselves to sled and throw snow!! They loved it!

 Abby sledding down the hill
 Waiting for Hwy 80 to drop their chain control the morning we left....Keeping busy :)
We made it off the mountain without chains, on fairly clear roads!!

Mike, Allison, Abby and Roxy Smith

Living life in beautiful Virginia Beach, VA!