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Monday, July 14, 2014

Misc Early July

 8 new kids moved in on our block!!! 3 of which are girls to play with!!
 Reading Rainbow app- Summertime reading fun!!
 Family selfies!!!

Lazy Saturday-Cartoons

They are definitely do they manage to lay the same??

Goofy Sunday

Back to Cooking

Happy to be off the traveling road, and home to cook again!
Trying out a lot of new Paleo friendly (mostly carb free) meals!
 Sausage-Veggie Sautee
 Crockpot Mongolian Beef/Carrots over Spiralized baked Butternut squash
 Last week's grocery haul (the fresh half of it)
 Homemade Cashew Sauce-Chicken/Broccoli bake
 Spiralized sweet potato fries and beets!
 Trader Joe's Turkey Meatballs + Spiral Sweet Pot Fries
 Healthy lunch outdoors! Tofu and Sweet Pot fries plus some edamame
 Healthy breakfasts! Eggs, cantelope and sweet potato
Last night's MEATZA! Yep, no crust there!! All MEAT!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer Vacation- KISS Concert

We rounded off our summer vacation tour.......with a KISS/Def Leppard concert this past Wednesday night. We got tickets with our friends Ian/Kelly and had a BLAST!
 "Pour some sugar on me........"!!!!! Old guys rocking it on stage!
 Late night post-concert food run!!!Before we crashed out, because we are all getting old and can't stay up late anymore :)

Summer Vacation- VEGAS!!!!

Since we were already down south, we decided to head to Vegas after Disney!!
We dropped the kids off at Grandmas house and........sat in TRAFFIC!!!
Ugggghh...What should have been 4+ hours to get to Vegas from LA, turned into 7+ hours!!
 8pm......We arrived and checked into our room at The Palms!
 Pool & Strip view!
 On our first day, we relaxed by the pool. The hotel hosts a Fri/Sat "21 & Over Pool Party"
As hotel guests we had free admission. Kind of nice to relax with no kids splashing around.
 Later that day we took the shuttle to Caesars and walked the shops and the strip
 Mounds of Gelato
 Look!!! We went to Paris!!! (just kidding.....close as we will get for a while)
 You know you are in Vegas when the bathrooms have cup holders!!
 The hotel package I bought included breakfast both days!!
On Sunday it was a Champagne + Crab legs brunch!!! Probably the best I've had in ages.
On Sunday as we headed out of town, we stopped by the shop where "Pawn Stars" is filmed (show on A&E that we have watched for a long time!). We got right in and walked around!!
 Then we were on the road to LA again........sitting in traffic. Sigh........

Summer Vacation- Disney Day 5....LAST DAY

There were a few things we didn't do on our last Disney trip that we made sure to do this go 'round!
One was riding the Disneyland Train around the park.
Our last day was great, and filled with lots of rides and FUN! 
Definitely a vacation to remember with LOTS of memories!!
 We made reservations (months before) at the Big Thunder Ranch BBQ restaurant for dinner our last night! It's a family style BBQ place, with all outdoor seating.
 BBQ Ribs, chicken, sausage, coleslaw, cornbread, corn and beans GALORE!
 One last "Small World" ride for the trip at night! And caught the clock show!!
 Au revoir Disney!!! It was another great experience.
I ended it buying this INCREDIBLE candy apple at a confections store in Downtown Disney!

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