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Friday, July 3, 2015

Miss Independent.....

Came downstairs to these two this morning. 
"Look Mom, Abby made me breakfast"

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Enoshima Aquarium

Today we went with friends to the Enoshima Aquarium! It was a fun outing....3 moms and 7 kids!! And we met some other friends/neighbors there too, so nice to see familiar American faces when out and about. 
We took advantage of an American weekday Holiday off from school to venture out---MUCH lower crowds than the weekends!! 
Their annual membership is amazingly cheap....the cost of two's no Monterey Aqaurium, but it's nice and not too far! And right on the beach, so on a sunny day it would be even more fun! 
We will be back!! 
Our first stop was the dolphin and seal show. There was even some kind of small whale in there too! 
The stadium borders the ocean--neat view 

Final Cheer

Abby finished cheer camp today! And Maddy went off and played soccer with the older brothers of the cheer girls!

She's definitely our tomboy at a pink skirt and purple boots!! 

Boat Life

A great photo that the boat posted today! A Hawkeye getting lined up for takeoff, and a jet coming in for a landing!! 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Cheer Camp

Abby has been at a Cheerleading camp all week! 
Maddy and I have been on the sidelines....and today Maddy challenged a brother of one of the girls to tic-tac-toe!
Each strategic move she made was followed by a "blocked ya" statement! 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Shopping--a taste of normal!

My friend Cyndi and I planned a shopping outing today while the little kids were at after care at school. Found an Old Navy and enjoyed some normal shopping. It's hard to shop in Japan as their sizes don't match the average American woman's sizing. We are too tall and hippy! Hah. But Old Navy was a safe bet! 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Green Faces!!

Abby has been begging me to do my new green face mask with her. Finally remembered and we made it happen! 

LUSH--Green Lettuce Mask 

Maddy wanted no part of it--no surprise! 
It's like an at-home spa night.....because having kids is SO relaxing.....

Garlic Fried Rice

Come visit, just to eat this! YUM!!
Amazing but simple. Arrives to your table sizzling on this cast iron pan and you toss it together yourself. Maddy had Guoza and rice, Abby had fried rice and soup! 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Kamakura Big Buddha--With the kids!

The girls and I set out for the Big Buddha this morning!
Just needed to get out of the house!! And it was a dry day, with no direct sun, so it was a WIN!
Abby was impressed at the massive size and height, and I took her inside!
 Just outside the Buddha we stopped at a Turkish place for a quick bite. 
The place was recommended by a friend, and did not disappoint! 
Shaved chicken on a rotating spit, in a bun! The Mango Turkish Ice was delish too!
Abby went in the Buddha shrine cave with me!
After lunch we headed to Hasadera Temple--I needed to go again anyhow, to start my temple stamp book! Each time you go to a temple in Japan you pay about $2.50 and they will hand paint the temples name in Japanese on a new page! Collect them all!! (if you dare!! I'm up for the challenge...)
 The girls really enjoyed the Koi ponds!
 The Hydrangea garden was in FULL bloom this visit, and with the increased patronage they started a timed ticketing system. Last month when Mike and I came here there were no Hydrangeas at all, so this was a nice change and made it special with the kids. 
They walked a TON today. And walked up ALLLLL of these steps. This is just a quarter of the path and they are steep. No complaining about walking the entire day. I'm wondering if we have them trained now after a month of not bringing/using the stroller!
This is what this statue looked like 7 weeks ago.....early May
And this is late June with all the blooms!
This variety (above) was my favorite--very interesting

Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Camp Girl!

Abby finished two straight weeks of Camp Adventure today! She is BEGGING to go back every week now. This is after I had to convince her how much fun she would have. She basically went kicking and screaming last Monday, and after two weeks she has had so many wonderful experiences. 

She walks to and from camp daily--at 730am so she can eat their awesome breakfast! 
And she's been coming home around 3:30/4pm daily. She just calls to make sure I'm home, then walks back! It's a 2 min walk from our house. I can almost see it from our front door!! So lucky. 

In the last two weeks she has gone bowling, been to the pool twice, went to a field trip at Fuji Safari Park, made oodles of crafts, learned new songs that she loves performing for us.....and more! 

Proud that this almost 8 year old can appreciate the fun of organized summer activities--she now knows it's the best option when available compared to hanging out with mom and home! 

Next week she has Cheerleading camp!
And the week after that she has a Japanese Cooking class and starts swimming lessons to work on strokes!
Then camp will resume to an every other week event! 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Got frosting?

We had friends over for dinner tonight--so of course I made a cake! Maddy was my beater licker!! She approved.....until it came to the actual frosting which I put pineapple and coconut in.....then she was not interested!! Such is life as a picky eater. 

My Cutie Patootie

She's just too cute not to share!! 


Found the kids like this when I went to bed last night.
Maddy asleep with her flashlight on and book open.
Abby on her back with a pile of tissues on her face. 


I realized I haven't posted a photo of the outside of our townhouse! Here it is!!
Much more bland from the exterior.....fully decorated inside!! 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Fun "Down Under"

Mike was lucky enough to spend his first port call of this deployment in Brisbane Australia! A first for him!! 
He got to go wreck diving!!
He held a koala bear
And he hand fed a kangaroo!! 

We will definitely be making a family trip there in 2016! 

Last Weekend

Just a quiet weekend at home! 
Movie night on the couch snuggling, afternoon at the pool, and a visit to the base library today! 

Mike, Allison, Abby and Roxy Smith

Living life in beautiful Virginia Beach, VA!