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Monday, July 25, 2016

Homecoming July 2016

Waiting for the planes to arrive 
They landed!! Out the families go to claim their husbands/dads!!
They found their #1
Finally got his name on a plane here 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Happy Anniversary--- a dozen down!

Today marks 12 years since we said "I do" to each other! 
And tomorrow he comes home after another 2 months away..... 

We have had many amazing homecomings since this Navy life began! 

I always look forward to each one the same, eager to see him walk out of that plane, and now I love watching the girls run and embrace him! We have resilient kids who are stronger than many around them, but they love their daddy and get so excited to welcome him back each time!! The goodbyes are hard because the welcome backs are amazing no matter how long the deployment. 
The kids are my focus these days during deployments and I can't imagine doing it without them. They are the greatest challenge and the most valuable distraction. 
Wedding July 2004- beginning of it all
Our first Navy ball October 2003 (just us)
First homecoming Nov 2008 in California (one kid in tow; Abby was 13 months)
Homecoming in Virginia 2012 (two kids)
First homecoming in Japan 2015--how did they grow up so much!! 

......and stay tuned for tomorrow's highlights!! 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Rainy Day Fun

Today I met with my Japanese student and we took the kids to a nearby indoor play place, to have fun on a rainy day!  
The one time you can treat your sister like a hamster :) 
Shooting balls into a moving pretend cup-o-noodle!

Tokyo weekend getaway

When Mike left the first of June, my plan was to have one getaway a month!! So we did Hong Kong in June, and I had the military hotel in Tokyo booked for two nights this week. It was MUCH needed time to sleep and swim!! 
Chocolate restaurant up the street 
My amazing milkshake!! I may have indulged. Heck I'm solo parenting two milkshake a month would be well deserved 
We swam ALL DAY!!!!
Oh and met up with friends there for one night 
Amazing dinner at the hotel for Hibachi with our friends 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Slide the City- Tokyo

My fun Sunday in Tokyo! 
A few girlfriends and I signed up for this Slide the City event! They do them in the states too, but the odds that the right city would pop up when I lived there is unlikely! 
Red Bull sponsored the event--and apparently have them to kids too. Ummm probably not the best idea 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Our deployment ritual is now to go to sushi go round one night a week! It's such a fun, cheap dinner out! And it gives me a break on dishes!! 
We are so spoiled with this since it's just out the front gate down the road, I think it may take me a long time when we go back to the states to find sushi to be a special night out!! 

The girls "we love summer camp" pose
They are going all week (since I work this week) and went on their weekly field trip today, to Fuji Safari Park! Together!!!! So glad Maddy was old enough this summer to take part in the camp! 
Abby's favorite sushi selection! 
We walked in and Maddys BFF was there with her family! Since our table had a big empty spot, she slid over and chatted with us when she was done eating. She and Maddy can't keep their hands off each other. I truly LOVE how much my kids can connect with other kids no matter how long they have known them--wherever we live. 
So I may not have made the photoshoot  at dinner, but my dessert did. Normally I don't indulge in Japanese desserts because they typically aren't worth the calories.....but for a muggy summer night this was DELISH! Mango ice cream, frozen mango, fresh mango, mango purée sauce and whipped cream! 

Saturday, July 9, 2016


I'm so glad I chose to stay around this summer. The evenings outside watching the kids play with the neighbor kids endlessly until I drag them inside has been wonderful. I sit behind our yard from afar and oversee the shenanigans! While reading a book or listening to music. It's my zen spot!!
These two make me so proud. So proud that they can spend endless hours together and never fight. Really, never!!!
From what I hear of other people's kids, I'm thinking we are lucky!! 
And so glad they are best friends!! 
Ahhhhh how is that little thing going to be 7 in a few months?!?!!!!! 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

On the countdown....again

Another deployment countdown chain begins......Decided the kids are big enough to each have their own this time!! 

Eye on the prize---AKA-- "daddy"!! 

Can't wait to enjoy him for some summer family fun! 

Monday, July 4, 2016

Fourth of July

Happy 4th to everyone waking up in America! Ours has come and gone here......
We woke up to a beautiful and HOT day!
Started with a neighborhood bike ride for the kids! Everyone decorated their bikes and dressed red white and blue! 

Then our neighborhood hosted a huge BBQ in our backyards! There must have been 40+ people with kids too! Good thing I got some photos early because we had a very unexpected set of dark clouds pass by that dumped on everything!! 

Once it dried outside and got dark, we went back out to do sparklers of course!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Happy 4th of July weekend!!

The base put on a Fourth of July celebration yesterday. Pool party with games for the kids with a full BBQ spread! Didn't disappoint!!
Afterward it was followed by an indoor light show (since they cancelled fireworks.....) and a movie under the stars! We did all but the light show! Nothing replaces fireworks no matter how hard you try!!

Glass Beach

Our friends invited us to glass/pottery beach today! The kids played while the moms scoured the shore for keepsakes!
The amount of glass and pottery seems endless! My neck got tired from looking down, otherwise I would have more! 

Mike, Allison, Abby and Roxy Smith

Living life in beautiful Virginia Beach, VA!