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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Photo time

What happens when they find the Mac station and go crazy taking photos and making videos. 

All dressed up & nowhere to go!

They insisted on wearing matching outfits today while we were out shopping. 


The Bon Odori dancers were given a nice appreciation luncheon last week. Great taco and salad bar spread!! 

Wonderful group of ladies whom I danced with all summer and learned a lot from. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Tama Hills--a little taste of the outdoors

The local Air Force Base here has a property that is open to all military for camping and cabin rentals! It's a fun outdoor recreation facility with pony rides, mini golf, archery and more. In the wooden, nothing but nature. 
We went with my good Navy friend Allie and her daughter. One night! 
The cabins come with a golf cart to get around easier 
Our two bedroom plus loft cabin! With hot tub on the deck 

Soccer Girl

Soccer Season on base started today!
I've really enjoyed hearing Maddy's excitement build as the day approached. She is my little athlete eager to take the field. She practices twice a week!!

(Abby on the other hand is grateful she wasn't signed up for soccer. Just not her thing! Excited for her to partake in some after school clubs and activities at the elementary school this year)

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Home Sweet Home

We are home!!! This was our crazy journey home from Thailand and Singapore. 

We left Thailand on a 10pm flight last night. Landed in Singapore at 1am local time, walked off the plane and found a spot for the kids to sleep on the floor for 5 hours. Had to kill time to get us closer to our arrival time at the other Air Base we were flying out of. Left the Singapore airport at 6am, got in a cab and boarded our military flight home at 10am! 

PHEW! I had a knot in my stomach that last day nervous we might not all make the flight. Turned out there were 40 seats and I think 36 were used. It was close. But being home is all that counts. 
My friend Cyndis kids all passed out! 
At 4am I wandered the airport to try and stay awake and found a local Singapore coffee hut. Had my first local coffee! Very tasty. They use sweetened evaporated milk in it! 
On our approach home we passed right by Mt Fuji. So glad I happened to be looking out the window!
Good night! We travelers need our beauty sleep! 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Last day in Phuket

On our last day in Phuket Thailand I took the girls on an Elephant Trek adventure tour. It was four parts--Elephant trek, monkey show, snake show, and Thai cooking demo. We enjoyed it all......I could have done without the snakes. Ick
Both girls say on the elephants head but Abby rode on him like this for a bit
Hugs from the baby elephant--6years old and born on site
Feeding the baby bananas
Monkey show-- Macawks (spelling?)
Snake show--Covras, King Cobra, Mango Snakes and Pythons
Thai cooking demo! That we had for lunch

Goodbye for now Thailand!! We will be back for more adventures. I just HAVE to do the tiger experience next!! 

Monday, August 17, 2015

James Bond Island Speedboat Tour

I didn't bring my phone (hence camera....) with us on our tour today.....but we took an amazing excursion speedboat day trip to "James Bond" Island. Also had a guided kayak around Hong island and lunch at Panyi Island! Five island stops in all including a Thai buffet lunch! The girls were handed a Lemur at the last island! Of course I bought the souvenir photo! 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Singapore Day 1

Motto for this trip---The old saying "Join the Navy see the world".....has become "marry the military and see the world". If it wasn't for this opportunity I doubt I ever would have seen this great country. 

We opted to do the city Hop On Hop Off tour bus to see what we could for the first day. It was a VERY fun way to get around. And super easy with the kids and the stroller in tow. The buses have tons of space and we were able to wheel them right on and not fold them! The tour also includes an audio tour of the city pointing out all the top sights to see along the way. 
Ready to board the bus
On board the double decker topless bus
We brought Mike with plush form!
China Town--so many cool shops and restaurants. We did a kid friendly lunch since they outnumbered us! Chinese food of course. Delicious noodles with prawns and the BEST sweet and sour pork any of us had ever had! 
Loving on Mike at the table! These girls can't wait to hug and kiss the real thing soon!
The wheels on the bus go round and round.......
Singapore Flyer! Hoping to convince the kids to do this before we leave!
The newest hotel in Singapore.....YES they built a boat structure on top of three pillars of hotel! Cheaper to just look at it from afar. 
Clarke Quay! 
Our hotel package includes breakfast and a evening reception with food and alcohol nightly. SCORE!!!! I've never felt more comfortable travelling. After living in Japan for three months Singapore makes things EASY! They speak English!!!!!! That solves all your problems! Abby doesn't understand why they all "look" Japanese but all speak English! Ummmm.....mommy can't explain that one. It's a melting pot here! 
We boarded our flight at 8am yesterday and although we had done our hotel research the weeks prior, we booked our rooms two minutes before boarding the flight! Couldn't chance losing a night of hotel cost if we didn't make the flight to begin with. 

Phuket Day 1

Spent our first day in Phuket at the waterpark at our resort! Included with our room! 
Walked the resort property today on or way to our breakfast buffet (also included in our room cost). Each of the 4+ pools on property are infinity pools. This one overlooks the beach. 
NorthWest Phuket beach
Oh and the resort includes a kids club daily with activities and childcare at no addl charge 
Abby caught a butterfly on her walk back from breakfast 
1/5th of the waterpark! This is the older little kid area! Dumping refilling bucket on top and all! 
Maddy enjoyed the slides for the first time ever. 
Abby spent all day on the BIG kid slides!!
Off for an excursion tomorrow!! 
We haven't had enough sun!! 
Kids ended the night in the tub!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Singapore Adventures

We have spent the last four days in Singapore! It is an amazing city and I'm so glad I got to experience it. 
Our first day here we did the city hop on hop off sightseeing bus tour! Worth every penny!! Three routes cover the entire city and major sights
We spent the midday in Chinatown. Fun shops and lunch! Best Chinese we have ever had!! 
We brought stuffed Mike along too!
The girls loved the double decker open top bus tour!! Wind in their hair!!
The second day we took a guided walking tour of Little India. So much history. 
View from the top floor from our rooms! 
Singapore Nigt Safari! It's a special zoo only open at night. To see the animals in their element. Most enclosures have no cages! 
The girls had a lot of fun in the hotel pool! Such a nice break from Japan! 20 degrees cooler!! 

BONUS: our standby flight home from Singapore to Japan was cancelled so we took the opportunity to travel elsewhere! Tonight we fly to Thailand to burn three days before the next flight home to Japan! Should be fun!!

Mike, Allison, Abby and Roxy Smith

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