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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trip to Monticello (without kids!!!!)

Well we finally made a trip to Monticello (Thomas Jefferson's home/property in Charlottesville, Virginia) , and as we had hoped, it was kid-free too!
My awesome friend Danielle watched the girls overnight Monday/Tuesday so that we could getaway!
Monticello has been on our to-do list for the area for the last three years!
And to make it even better, it is part of the summer military free entrance museum program! So we got in FREE!! (reg $24/person). That made the tour much more enjoyable :)
So we dropped the kids off Monday morning, and headed off to Monticello for the tour. It was a warm, muggy, and drizzly afternoon once we arrived. But it let up just enough to enjoy walking around the grounds a bit after our tour. Then we headed up the road a bit to check-in to our Bed and Breakfast retreat for the night! It was a quaint but very private home with 5 rooms, each with their own full bath and jacuzzi tub and a hot tub to use out on the back porch. It was our first time at a B&B, and we loved it. We ventured into Downtown Charlottesville for dinner at a Sushi restaurant! We woke up this morning to a 3 course breakfast, then headed out for some more touring and then home to get the kids.
It was a nice way to enjoy ourselves alone as Mike's departure date quickly approaches.
The front of Monticello (4 story building designed by Thomas Jefferson over MANY years)
A nice girl in our tour took a photo for us!
 Walking through the underground tunnels of Monticello- There were many specialty areas such as the kitchen, beer and wine cellar, lots of storage rooms, and the toilet!!
 Inside the beer room underground
 Everything on the property is very well maintained and lush green right now!
 Walking down towards the garden/vineyard!
 The property looks out over the Blue Ridge Mountains
 A bit of sake and beer down the hatch.....and this was my dinner date for the night!!!

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